Friday, May 28, 2010

L'Oreal Paris HIP Jelly Balms

I think I have seriously been out of the loop with this one! Yes, once again thanks to You Tube I kept hearing all the raves about this jelly balm. I said to myself, is it that serious that I keep hearing about it? So I needed to check it out for myself. This is the first time I purchased a product from L'Oreal Paris, the company never really called my attention. While in the drugstore during lunch (I swear that that's my favorite spot)...I decided to have a look at them and purchase two of them.

L'Oreal Paris HiP Jelly Balms

These balms are very moisturizing, smell great and are very pigmented! I love how the packaging is nice and sleek and in a pot. What I like about this product best is that for being a balm it makes your lips look nice and shiny as if you have lip gloss on. There are six shades to choose from and the price is very affordable and I think they could easily be compared to a MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner. Plush is a sheer pretty pale pink while Succulent is like a sheer purple. 

L’Oreal Paris claims their New HiP Jelly Balm will be: “A Pop of sheer shine”, “A light, soothing balm”, and a look of “Sweet temptation”. The high intensity pigments (hence, HIP) are supposed to soothe and condition your lips while keeping the look fresh and sweet.

As a mom, this is a great product for those mom's on the go! 

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