Friday, November 19, 2010

Haul: Yes to Tomatoes

I was recommended this a while back by a blogger named Tammy...hey girl!!! I always kept eyeing it every time I was at Rite Aid and this time I decided to finally get it. 

yes to tomatoes

• Yes To Tomatoes Facial Wash - 100ml/3.38 fl. oz 
• Yes To Tomatoes Facial Hydrating Lotion - 50ml/1.7 fl. oz. 
• Yes To Tomatoes Facial Mask - 30ml/1.01 fl. oz
• Yes To! Spa headband

 This is for Oily-Combination skin, with frequent breakouts. It doesn't at all smell like tomatoes, to me it smells sweet like watermelon. One thing I can say is that it does leave your face shine free all day. Since, this is all natural I am hoping I get better results!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Carmex Healing Lotion

Suffering from dry itchy skin in the winter is no joke! I have tried everything and there is only one thing that seems to work, but it gets a little to expensive from time to time. I recently saw this featured in a few blogs and decided to give it a try, especially since it's made by the well known brand Carmex. Carmex released to products called Carmex Healing Lotion and Carmex Healing Cream

Retails for $5.99 at Walgreens
  • Use anywhere skin feels dry
  • Daily use will help protect skin and keep dryness away
  • Rich healing ingredients, including Aloe and Vitamin E, nourish and moisturize skin
  • Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel; has a light, pleasant scent
This actually did a pretty good job of soothing my skin. Especially at night is when it's the most irritated and I feel like scratching my skin off...yea it's that bad! The formula is exactly as described on the bottle, non-greasy and it smells just like the lip balm. The only con is that it's only available at Walgreens at the moment, but you can go HERE to get a $2.00 off coupon. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NIVEA a kiss of Milk & Honey

I have a slight obsession with lip balms, especially during the Fall/Winter seasons. You can find at least 3 in my purse, I don't know what it is but I always seems to get a new one every few Everyone keeps raving about the new lip balm by Nivea called A Kiss of Milk & Honey. It resembles the Kiss of Moisture one, (blue packaging) except for the fact that this one is yellow and has little bees on it....which I think is cute.

Retails for $2.99 (depending where you buy it)

Here is how it is described on the NIVEA site:
The pampering formula, enriched with some of nature's best remedies, strengthens and moisturizes lips to help boost lips natural defenses. Lips are soothed and feel naturally healthy, hydrated, and soft.
  • Soothing formula boosts lip’s natural defenses
  • Intensively moisturizes so lips can stay healthy & hydrated 
  • With natural Milk Protein & rich Golden Honey
I would purchase this again! I really love the smell and how smooth and moisturized it leaves my lips feeling. I find myself reaching for this all day long. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nook for SALE!!!

I'm selling a *wifi* Barnes and Noble Nook that is used, but in great condition. No charger is available and I'm selling it with the leather case. I'm asking for $100...let me know if anyone is interested.

Flowerbomb Travel Duo

I recently picked this up at the friend's and family sale that Sephora was having the other day. I had a sample of this and I fell in love with the scent. I love fragrances that are soft and not too overbearing, I mostly wear flowery one like Daisy (Marc Jacobs), Flora (Gucci) and  The Beat (Burberry)...(ugh disllike old lady scents!!!). 

Flowerbomb Travel Duo $29
This floral explosion releases a profusion of flowers that has the power to make everything seem more positive. Magically evocative notes immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret garden, away from reality. Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, and Ballerina Freesia bloom on a base of Patchouli.

This set contains:
- 0.25 oz Eau de Parfum
- 0.5 oz Eau de Parfum Refill
- Funnel 

Notes:Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli.
Style:Oriental. Gourmand. Floral.

However, the bottle is very small and does not have a spray. But, it can fit in your handbag and it comes with a big enough size refill bottle. You just have to be a little careful when opening it because the contents might spill out. 

What are fragrances are you currently into?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Satin Taupe vs. Nutty

Mac's Satin Taupe is just about every girl's favorite eyeshadow, it's the perfect Taupe color with silver shimmer. So here is what I found, Wet N' Wilds Nutty e/s is the perfect dupe and it's much more affordable!

Satin Taupe vs. Nutty

Satin Taupe (Left)   Nutty (Right)

So which do you prefer?