Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Joys of Lil' Boys

Sometimes I wonder what would I do without my little boy Brayan, he is the joy of my life.  Being a mom is a FULL-TIME JOB in every aspect of the word., it seems like your job is never done! There are no days off, breaks or vacations. Only God and our Mothers know the struggle we tend to go through.

Anyways, Brayan is 1 1/2 yrs old and a smart lil' guy. He amazes me at times! This week alone he started counting from 1-5 and showing me with his fingers. He also loves music and you can catch him singing all the tunes from the Nick Jr. channel. (Gotta ♥ Nick Jr.) Lately he has been really into cars, he loves making vrrroom noises while he drags himself on the floor. Don't you love it how a toddler's favorite word is "No". OMG...this little boy is always telling me no. I ask: "Brayan did you poopy", he says: "No". Then as my duty, I check his diaper and he clearly is. Don't get me wrong, he loves baths but I don't understand why boys love to get dirty. I guess it's just in their genes! 

What are the things that your Toddlers do that just makes you laugh? 

♥ BabyFabzMom   

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