Friday, June 25, 2010

Product of the Week #2

What It Is: Facial Cleanser 

What It Does: It claims to deeply cleanse and gently remove dirt & makeup, while clearing breakouts and reducing redness. Also, helps to maintains your skin's moisture balance.

Overall: I really like this cleanser, it does exactly what it claims! I have oily skin and this actually helps my face from looking like a grease-ball. Also, it has reduced the redness around my nose significantly. I like how it's free from Parabens & Phthalates, it has doesn't have a harsh scent and leaves your face feeling nice and fresh. 

Where Can You Buy It: At any of your local Drugstores, usually retails around $5 - $6 dollars

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gotta ♥ Me Some Doug

UrbanDecayPocketRocketDoug.jpg image by glinda23
Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Doug $19
(sheer medium pink with iridescent sparkle) 

What It Is: A lipgloss

What It Does: Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss combines a girl's two favorite things: guys and gloss! With the tilt of a tube, your well-dressed man will be stripped to his undies. The crème-brulee-scented formula slicks and shines your lips to pucker perfection, with each highly pigmented shade varying in opacity and finish. It also contains Hyaluronic Spheres that are known to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles.

Overall: This is the coolest lip gloss I have ever owned! Now, who doesn't want to see a hot guy every time you put on your gloss (ahem...I do)?! Most people don't enjoy the crème-brulee smell or taste, but it doesn't bother me. The consistency is thick, but not as sticky as most lip gloss's. Also, it's very convenient to carry and can fit in your back pocket. 

Where Can You Buy It: Sephora or Urban Decay 

Have you tried any of the Pocket Rockets? Which ones are your favorite? 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wishlist: Nook eReader

I have been wanting this since it hit Barnes and Noble stores last year. I love to read and this is the most convenient and easy way to read and store books. If you can imagine I have quite a hefty collection, because I don't like to borrow them from the library since the most popular ones are always checked out.

Thank God I waited awhile, because now the prices have gone down! There are 2 options: Wifi- $149 & 3G+Wifi- $199. I'm planning on getting the cheapest one, because I really don't need a 3G option.

Do any of you have a Nook or the Kindle? How do you like it?

Lack of Bloggin

I know...I have been neglecting my blog! I have been super busy with work and my toddler is sick. Ugh, I hate when he is sick. He is such a happy baby and it breaks my heart to see him ill. He had a fever and was throwing up, I guess he caught something from the kids at his Daycare. 

Anyways, he is a little better this afternoon. Hope you guys forgive me....until my next blog. Ciaooooo!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's with the snake-skin?

Don't you love Haul's? I did a recent purchase at the ShoeDazzle site because I had a credit and just wasn't sure if to skip the month and just save it. Then apparently this shoe showed up on my showroom after a few days.

Gwynn is a slim flat with a snake-skin finish that is an on-trend for this summer. These neutral flats go with everything, while keeping your outfit exciting with the exotic print. They are very cumfy and fit true to size, can't wait to wear them!

What are you favorite sandals/flats for this summer?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smashbox Cosmetics On Sale

Smashbox Cosmetics is on sale right now at Hautelook for up to 50% off!

You can sign up at this site for free just click here.

Happy Shopping ☺

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wishlist - Maggie Bags Clutch

This is the cutest and biggest clutch ever! This clutch is made by a company named Maggie Bags, which they take rejected seat belts and create super-chic/ eco-friendly bags. How cool is this concept? You can look super cute while going green (two thumbs up). This is there clutch which retails for $59 and they comes in various colors.

I so want this! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

mark. girl

So I finally did it...I joined the mark. community!  I received my starter kit last night and was so excited to see my goodies ($20 well spent). This is what I received...

Best of mark starter kit
1. glow baby glow hook up lip gloss in pink crush
2. Scanda-lash hook up mascara in blacklash
3. Hook up connector
4. Get a Tint tinted moisturizer lotion SPF 15 in buff/natural 
5. Flip for it urban neutrals
6. mark. super cosmetic bag

7. Pro mini brush kit 

Beauty bonus gift

1. Calming Effect- Comforting Milk Cleanser
2. See Things Clearly- Brightening Moisturizer
3. Mist Opportunity- Multitasking Refresher: Kiwi/ Grapefruit
4. Go With The Grain Exfoliating Beads
5.  pretty pink case

I tried on the Tinted moisturizer in buff/natural and it was way to light for me, I think shade honey/golden suits me best. I love how convenient the Flip for it urban neutrals is, it comes with 2 eye-shadows, 1 blush, and 4 glosses. The blush in this compact is so pretty and it's called After Glow, which gives you a natural radiant glow. I have yet to try the face cleansers, I think I want to wait and use them for when I have to travel. My wishlist is jammed packed with all the things I want to get, from makeup to these pretty summer dresses. 

Come and Shop online with me...

What are you favorite mark products?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hooray for Purple

Flipping through channels the other day I always seem to land on the HSN Channel (smh). I have purchased items from them before so I know they always have good deals...gotta ♥ their Flex Pay! They were showcasing a new digital camera, I was like what the heck let me look at it since I had given my previous one away. 

KODAK EASYSHARE M550 Digital Camera / Purple

M550 camera front view
M550 camera back view
I couldn't pass up this was on sale that night for $109 (retail $149.95) and also came with a $30 mail in rebate. It comes in four colors....Dark Grey, Purple, Blue and Tan. Yea, I had to get the PURPLE one since that's my new fave color. 


Picture this—you’re letting loose at a trendy hot spot with friends, snapping pictures so amazing you’ll want to share them online as soon as you get home. Any other camera would slow you down with tags, sorts, and uploads. But not the new KODAK EASYSHARE M550 Digital Camera. Kodak’s Share button allows you to tag pictures directly from your camera for e-mailing, or uploading to YouTube, FACEBOOK, FLICKR and KODAK Gallery sites, plus e-mail too. The real Kodak Moment happens when you share.

The one thing I like about this camera (besides the picture taking qualities) is their new Face Recognition Software and the USB cable comes with a small AC adapter for quick charging. My old Kodak didn't have an AC Adapter and after lending it to my mom, she lost it (Thanks mom) these new feature gets 2 thumbs up! 

You can still purchase it thru HSN or at the Kodak website. 

I loathe you Twitter

Seems like all day yesterday and today I kept getting this lovely message above (sarcastic voice!). I'm assuming that they are having server issue, but come on that is not a great excuse. Millions of people tweet and if social networking site is this big if a hit...then this "Over Capacity" thing shouldn't be an issue. Thank you Baby Jesus for the Tweetgenius app on my Blackberry (Team Blackberry...whoo hoo). Yes, like everyone else I'm a FB and Twitter addict. Can't live without checking my Twitter and FB notifications, except for when I'm at home...everything else seems to be oblivious. 

Couldn't think of a blog post for today, so I decided to complain about this. I apologize for the lack of creativity on my part.  Anyways, with that said...Let's get with the program Twitter....everyone else is! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Product of the Week #1

Ever have a problem with getting blisters on the back of your foot, due to new shoes? Don't you hate how painful and annoying it can get? Ugh....yes! I love buying new shoes, but dread having to break them in. Having to make a quick stop at Duane Reade to fix this problem (band-aids don't help), I was in the search of something from Dr. Scholl's....and found this!

Dr. Scholl's For Her Rub Shield Stick

As soon as I got to my office I applied this bad boy (generously) and I can tell you that this actually works!

• Helps prevent shoe rubbing
• Anti-friction stick glides on silky smooth and creates an invisible barrier between skin and shoes
• Instantly protects feet from irritation and shoe rubbing
• Portable and easy to use

Duane Reade has it on sale if you use your Flex Rewards card, so instead of paying $7.99 it will come out to be $6.39. I carry this with me in my makeup bag, because it comes in very handy and fits anywhere.

♥ BabyFabzMom

Monday, June 7, 2010

Current Read

I have always enjoyed reading a good book and I'm always on the hunt for the next one to read. I picked this one up this week at the library, because I need to stop purchasing books...seriously I have too many! 

I was on a fellow blogger's site (click here) and she had a post about this book. This book is written by Mia Tyler, one of the daughters of the lead singer of Aerosmith Steve Tyler. Creating Myself is raw and inspirational, the tale of a hell-and-back journey from the depths of depression and addiction to triumphant self-discovery. So, far seems like a quick and interesting read. 

What are you currently reading? 

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was fairly uneventful and some what quite. I engaged in some Retail Therapy with my sister, even though the items I bought weren't for myself. That is what happens when you have kids, they come first and you eventually come in second. Brayan has been out growing his shoes so fast! I swear it was just 3 months ago when I bought him 3 sandals when he took a trip to Dominican Republic and now they barely fit him.

I bought the lil' guy 3 pairs of shoes...Thanks goodness for Stride Rite! I love how they shoes are specifically designed for kids, I just sometimes don't like how expense they can be. Thank God for sales and a 25% off coupon, I was able to get him 2 pairs of sneakers for a total of $25. Then I went into the Gap and got him some sandals he previous had, but of course out grew them. Just at the Gap alone I spent $25 on these sandals...geez I'm now realizing how expensive kids are. lol

Keds Graham Preston

After hours of shopping, we headed to my sister's so that my niece and nephew can play with the little guy. Brayan loves his cousins, he gets so excited every time he sees them. I guess since he is the only child and has no one to play with, it makes him happy when he is around other kids. Since he is the youngest of all grandkids he gets spoiled rotten! Grandpa (my dad) brought him a huge ice cream cone. Of course he ran towards him and gave him a huge hug and then proceeded to sit on the floor so that he can enjoy his ice a lil bit better. 


You gotta love Grandparent's because that night my mom decided she wanted her only grandchild to sleep over, so of course I rushed and packed him a bag and he was off. I felt a little sad because as I was putting him in the car, he realized I wasn't coming and started to cry. He eventually got over it once he arrived at grandma's house. 

That meant that the BF and I had a free night and we decided to have a DATE NIGHT, which was long overdue. We headed out to this little spot on Dyckman (for those that live in NYC) called MamaSushi. This restaurant serves Japanese/Hispanic cuisine. The food was pretty good and so was the service, even though the place is really small and cannot accommodate that many people. I only remembered to take a picture after I was half way through my dessert, it was a Tres Leche cake with Passion Fruit glaze and it was DELICIOUS! 

With that said, I had a great weekend! I hope all of you enjoyed yours as well...until next time. 

♥ BabyFabzMom

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Top Picks: Blushes

If you don't know by now, I'm a BLUSH JUNKIE!!! I can't get enough of them...I'm always buying a new shade of pink or coral pink. It seems like all the blushes I own are in the same shade I thought I would share my Top Picks for Blushes, these are the ones that I'm constantly reaching for.

ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo: Create a healthy and natural glow all year long. The Blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition.

Benefit Sugarbomb: Swirl the 4 flattering shades of peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose powders together and sweep on cheeks for a sweet rush of gorgeous.

Sonia Kashuk (Petal)This crème formula easily blends into cheeks for a glowing finish that lasts all day long. Whether you're looking for a natural glow or a dramatic flush, this crème blush leaves skin looking radiant and fresh.

NYC Blendable Creme Stick (Big Apple Blush): A creme stick blush for those on the go! The formula is very creamy making it easy to apply and blend. Even with my oily skin, these cream blushes lasted on my skin all day. You can also use these Blushable Creme Sticks for color on your lips, or as an eyeshadow base.

What are your top picks for blushes?

♥ BabyFabzMom

Day at the Museum

Since this past weekend was Memorial weekend, I decided to plan a trip to the Children's Museum of Manhattan for my son. Living in NYC and being trapped in an apartment all day is no good for a toddler, so I thought this little trip was a good idea. I have been living in NYC my whole life and I never even heard or seen this museum. I ran into the website one day by pure luck researching venues for children's birthday parties.  The CMOM has four floors of exhibits for kids ranging from ages birth - 6 years and older. The admission price for Children and Adults is $10, children under 12 months are free. 

My favorite exhibit was the Adventures with Dora and Diego.  If you have a toddler, you all know that these 2 characters are among the favorites in the Nick Jr. community. My son Brayan was beyond excited when we reached this floor, he just kept saying: "Mami, Diego...Mami Dowa."  

This is how the exhibit is described on their website: Join Diego on a series of high stakes animal rescue missions. Learn facts about animals and their habitats by helping Diego rescue animals in trouble. Explore a cave, a beach and the rainforest, or rub animal footprints, even build a Spectacled Bear’s nest! Get ready for a fabulous fiesta at Dora’s house! Drive Tico’s car, build the walls of Rainbow Bridge or jump across the lake to arrive at Dora’s house to play drums and pretend to cook Latin American foods. By helping Dora and her friends get to the fiesta, your child will learn problem-solving skills, develop math and language abilities, and gain a greater appreciation and awareness of Latin American culture. ¡Vámonos! Let’s go!

I went with my co-worker and her son, since Brayan already knows him from daycare. Let me tell you that these little boys didn't want to leave this exhibit! They thought that this was the only thing to  I'm glad I decided to take this trip because the kids enjoyed themselves and once I got home Brayan was so pooped out that he took a 2 hour nap! 

So, if you have kids go and explore this museum, I bet they will love it. 

♥ BabyFabzMom

Tuesday, June 1, 2010