Thursday, January 6, 2011

My FREE Zoya Nail Polish Picks

Zoya Nail Polish was trying to hit 20,000 likes on their Facebook page last week and had posted that once they reached their goal, their customers would receive 3 FREE polished with their order. The only thing you have to pay for is shipping, which is $6.95, not bad if you ask me because you are getting 3 for the price of 1!

These are the colors I choose...Ibiza, Raven and Kelly.


I suggest you hurry and get yours since the offer ends tomorrow January 7, use offer code FB2011 when placing your order. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Skin Regimen

I don't know what is up with my skin lately, but it's just not cooperating with anything that I have tried. I was at my mom's job a few weeks ago and she was complaining about how my face looks so awful, (mom's always gotta say the right so she recommended this Acne Rescue Kit. I was skeptical and asked her if this was worth buying and of course she said yes, so I took her word for it. It's been about 3 weeks and it has really helped my skin dramatically. I really have seen a difference, less breakouts and it doesn't leave my skin super dry. The only con that this might have for some people is that it has a strong smell, due to the essential oils it contains. Natralia Acne Rescue Kit can be found at any Health Food Store and usually retails for $19.99. 
Natralia Acne Rescue Kit
Product Description:

Natralia Acne Rescue Kit, a 2-step systemwhich helps to control breakouts, blackheads, whitheads, and inflammation without over-drying the skin. Naturally designed to deeply penetrate into pores to clear out congestion while being gentle on the skin.

This unique formulation contains a synergistic blend of homeopathic ingredients and essential oils that help improve the appearance of blemishes and scars for softer and smoother skin after treatment. 

Unlike other treatments that require multiple steps for complete results, Natralia Acne Rescue Kit aims to keep your daily regime simple yet effective, for progressively healthier skin over time.

Step 1:Cleanse and Exfoliate

Natralia Acne Rescue Wash contains Witch Hazel Distillate, Calendula Extract, Lavender, Tea Tree and Palmarosa Oils in addition to active homeopathic ingredients. A mild cleanser, specifically designed to deeply penetrate into the skin to clear congested pores. Gently formulated to reduce oil and control shine without over-drying the skin. 

Step 2:Treat & Control

Natralia Acne Rescue Cream contains Wich Hazel Distillate, Calendula Extract, Chamomile, Rose Hip and Tea Tree Oils in addition to active homeopathic ingredients. It is formulated to kill acne causing bacteria and help clear and prevent breakouts, reduce blackheads and whiteheads and inflammation caused by irritated skin as well as improve the appearance of scars associated with Acne.