Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's with the snake-skin?

Don't you love Haul's? I did a recent purchase at the ShoeDazzle site because I had a credit and just wasn't sure if to skip the month and just save it. Then apparently this shoe showed up on my showroom after a few days.

Gwynn is a slim flat with a snake-skin finish that is an on-trend for this summer. These neutral flats go with everything, while keeping your outfit exciting with the exotic print. They are very cumfy and fit true to size, can't wait to wear them!

What are you favorite sandals/flats for this summer?


  1. Love them!! I have yet to buy anything from ShoeDazzle, but I am a I like to see what they pick out for me.

  2. Sometimes I don't like what they pick out, but you have the option to choose ask for more options.

  3. I have a pair of flats that looks almost exactly like these do.. except they don't have the little straps in the back... I got them at Old Navy last summer. I like the snake-skin... looks nice with jeans.