Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day at the Museum

Since this past weekend was Memorial weekend, I decided to plan a trip to the Children's Museum of Manhattan for my son. Living in NYC and being trapped in an apartment all day is no good for a toddler, so I thought this little trip was a good idea. I have been living in NYC my whole life and I never even heard or seen this museum. I ran into the website one day by pure luck researching venues for children's birthday parties.  The CMOM has four floors of exhibits for kids ranging from ages birth - 6 years and older. The admission price for Children and Adults is $10, children under 12 months are free. 

My favorite exhibit was the Adventures with Dora and Diego.  If you have a toddler, you all know that these 2 characters are among the favorites in the Nick Jr. community. My son Brayan was beyond excited when we reached this floor, he just kept saying: "Mami, Diego...Mami Dowa."  

This is how the exhibit is described on their website: Join Diego on a series of high stakes animal rescue missions. Learn facts about animals and their habitats by helping Diego rescue animals in trouble. Explore a cave, a beach and the rainforest, or rub animal footprints, even build a Spectacled Bear’s nest! Get ready for a fabulous fiesta at Dora’s house! Drive Tico’s car, build the walls of Rainbow Bridge or jump across the lake to arrive at Dora’s house to play drums and pretend to cook Latin American foods. By helping Dora and her friends get to the fiesta, your child will learn problem-solving skills, develop math and language abilities, and gain a greater appreciation and awareness of Latin American culture. ¡Vámonos! Let’s go!

I went with my co-worker and her son, since Brayan already knows him from daycare. Let me tell you that these little boys didn't want to leave this exhibit! They thought that this was the only thing to  I'm glad I decided to take this trip because the kids enjoyed themselves and once I got home Brayan was so pooped out that he took a 2 hour nap! 

So, if you have kids go and explore this museum, I bet they will love it. 

♥ BabyFabzMom

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