Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I loathe you Twitter

Seems like all day yesterday and today I kept getting this lovely message above (sarcastic voice!). I'm assuming that they are having server issue, but come on that is not a great excuse. Millions of people tweet and if social networking site is this big if a hit...then this "Over Capacity" thing shouldn't be an issue. Thank you Baby Jesus for the Tweetgenius app on my Blackberry (Team Blackberry...whoo hoo). Yes, like everyone else I'm a FB and Twitter addict. Can't live without checking my Twitter and FB notifications, except for when I'm at home...everything else seems to be oblivious. 

Couldn't think of a blog post for today, so I decided to complain about this. I apologize for the lack of creativity on my part.  Anyways, with that said...Let's get with the program Twitter....everyone else is! 

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