Friday, July 30, 2010


Today I had to go down to the City of NY courts because apparently they were sending Jury notices to my parents apartment last year and I don't live there. It was a quick 1..2..3, I just had to tell them I moved and they said I was going to be put on some list. Hopefully, I don't get called in for Jury Duty!

Since I had told the "Boss Man" I was coming in around 1pm, I decided to talk a walk and do a lil' shopping. Now who doesn't love shopping?! I went into Century 21 to see if there where any sales. I bought a cute pair of Steve Madden black flats for $15 and 3 Calvin Klein Bras for $ that's a deal! I had to refrain from spending my whole check, since I got paid today. 

I was feeling a little guilty and finally decided to take the train uptown and go to! I would have preferred to deal with this errand in the afternoon, but noooo my boss wanted me to do it in the morning. 

Do I look excited to be at work?! Lol...not really. I should have taken a pic of how cute my outfit is...I wore a cute tank dress that I bought from Target a few weeks ago. Now, I'm at the office bored with nothing to do and starving...guess I should think about what to have for lunch. 

Have a great weekend! ☺


  1. Oh please have more posts like this one and I would love to have seen the outfit!!!

    Show us some pics of the stuff you bought, please!!!

  2. Eli I don't know if I feel comfortable taking a pic of Maybe the shoes. Will do more...just for you! ☺