Monday, July 12, 2010

Product of the Week #4

What It Is: Light Mattifying Moisturizer 

What It Does: If you want it all skin that’s moisturized but totally shine-free then try this light, oil-free moisturizer that says bye-bye to shine with a super blend of oil absorbers to help create an up-close-and-perfect finish. Plus, a dose of sugar cane—a natural alpha-hydroxy—keeps skin fresh and glowing.

Overall: I have tried tons of moisturizers and I can testify that this is the only one that lives up to it's standards. I have oily-to combination skin and every moisturizer I have tried doesn't help control it, except for this lil' bad boy! I had a bunch of samples laying around and I though I would give it a try, after washing my face at night I put this on and went to bed. I swore that in the morning when I woke up that my face was going to have the typical residue, but was surprised when my skin felt clean and oil free. 

I also tested it in the day time, to see if it would have the same effects as before. Impressively it did! My face was oil and shine free all day. This moisturizer feels light weight when applied and is fragrance free. 

Where Can You Buy It: You can order this item through any mark rep or on the site, it retails for $15.

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