Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Do you know how certain smells or fragrances trigger memories?! Well, Turquatic from MAC does that to me...it reminds me of a perfume my grandfather used to buy me when I was younger. Whenever he visited from the Dominican Republic he always asked what I wanted him to bring me. I always said a perfume from the Duty Free at the airport, I don't remember the name of it...just the smell and that the bottle was round with some blue on it. 

I have been wanting to try Turquatic for awhile, but never made it into MAC or if I did the MA's were always to busy to help me out so I kept putting it off. Until yesterday, on my walk over to Grand Central to catch the train home I decided to stop by and finally buy it. 

Retails for $25

It's small enough to carry around in my purse for whenever I need a touch up, but honestly I really think it lasts all day long. Last night I sprayed it on my wrists and after washing dishes and taking my son a bath, I could still smell it. I asked the BF if he liked the smell, but all he said was "I dunno...it smells like all of the rest you have." Ugh...men are no help! lol

Have you tried Turquatic or any other Mac Fragrance? 

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