Thursday, April 1, 2010

ShoeDazzle...Your Personal Shoe Stylist

For those of you that haven't heard the buzz around Twitter...Shoe Dazzle is a company or how they call themselves a "Shoe Society" where you simply join, take a fashion survey, the stylist pick 5 shoes for you each month and then you choose the pair you want. This company was started my TV-Reality star Kim Kardashian. There is a monthly memership fee of $39.95, which isn't bad for the quality of these shoes. You aren't obligated to buy a shoe every month, if you aren't content with the selection that was picked for you that month you can simply skip the month or asked for an alternate one.

After months of looking at the different selections and finally deciding on getting a pair, I decided to order these sexy shoes for my birthday. A Girl has to spoil herself on her big day!

They arrived in about 2 wks via Fed-Ex, (mind you the delivery guy was HAWT!!!) the actual packaging is really nice and your shoes come with a cloth bag to keep them protected when you travel. I tried them on, even though I was afraid that these 3.5 inch babies where going to be the death of me...but to my surprise they were actually comfortable. However, after dancing for 3 hrs in a club, not so! But, what can you do....Pain is Beauty.

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  1. I'm not on twitter so I have never heard about it. Although I must admit, I'm and old fashioned girl and love going to the store and trying out the shoes without commiting. That pair you picked are HOT! Next time snap a pic of the fedex guy and share on fb :)