Thursday, April 8, 2010

Current Obsessions

My name is Thalian & I am addicted to make-up & anything beauty related! lol ☺

I confess, I always find myself spending close to or over $100 at Sephora every time I stop by just to "Window Shop" and who invented that phrase? They should be shot because no one can really window shop and not feel tortured. So with that said, I have a few recent faves...things I keep reaching for on a regular basis when I feel like looking extra pretty.

First product is a Lip Butter by Korres in Jasmine. I love love love chapsticks, lip gloss, lip butter's ...etc. (You get the point) This retails for $10 and is so totally worth it because it lasts forever, tastes yummy & is a pretty neutral color.
Next fave by Benefit Cosmetics is the Sugarbomb Beauty Powder which retails for $30. Yea I know, that is way to much mula for a damn blush. But, if you are like me it doesn't hurt to spurlge on something at least once. It's consists of four shades that give you this nice peachy color, I tend to use this as a blush. It also smells really good, I have the habit of buying products that smell & taste good.

Have you ever tried to find the perfect eyeliner? One that doesn't smear all over  your eyes & makes you look all nasty. Well, I found one! It's a 24/7 Glide on Pencil by Urban Decay in the color Zero (also known as black) and it goes for $17 bucks. This stays put all day and doesn't smudge, by far the best I have tried & I have purchased a lot of eyeliners that I no longer use and that are accumulating dust in my make-up bin.

Ok, so as a Hispanic I have to go to the Salon every wk or else my hair is a greasy mess. It can be very expensive paying a hair stylist $25 every week, so I decide I was going to save a few dollars here and there and invest in a nice good ol' flat iron. I'm always on You Tube researching products, everyone knows that You Tube is the place to find out any info on anything. Anyways, I saw a hair tutorial by a girl who was using a flat iron to curl her hair. I was amazed, because I never knew flat iron could do that...yea I'm a nerd! I went online at ordered that baby, it was a bundle deal that came w/ a mini blow dryer. It's by Ti Creative Styling and the bundle was for $100...for Flat Iron & Bebe Blowdryer. Let me tell you that I haven't been to the Salon in maybe 2 months, I just don't have the patience of sitting under a dryer & listening to all the drama that goes on. It's exactly like the image below....Purple w/ Leopard cute is that?! It also came with a carrying case / cluth bag and a wiping cloth, the plates are made of Titanium Ceramic so it does less damage to your hair. But, note this is not to be used with wet hair!!!!

When at Sephora & waiting in line, have you noticed all the mini goodies they have on display...ugh I hate that! It entices you to buy uncessary products, which I am also gulity of. I picked up this
Willow Bark Treatment To Go by Boscia, it's a convinient on the go spot treatment. I tend to get little breakouts here and there so I thought "what the heck, doesn't hurt to try it out". This little bad boy was $15 dollars, but actually lived up to it's expectation. Whenever I feel like a pimple is coming on, I just dab some of it as many times as possible.

All this products / items mentioned can be found at or at their store & on

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  1. Wow! I'm all over that Korres stuff. And I am in need of a new flat iron... hmmm... thanks for the inside scoop!