Thursday, April 1, 2010


The wonderful world of being a Mom! ☺

I have a 1 1/2 yr old toddler named Brayan, I love him to death but I sometimes wonder why he does certain things. I am a 1st time mom so everything he says or does amazes His favorite word at the moment is "No", gosh how I hate that! (Hate is a strong word, so let's say dislike)

Especially when you are trying to get some love & affection and that comes out of his mouth. Also, he hates it when bath time is over....that's his favorite time to throw a tantrum. I just tend to laugh at him, but it isn't the correct thing to do if you are trying to set some boundaries as a parent.

While doing some research, I found a few books that seemed ok. I remembered that while I was pregnant that I read a book by Vicki Iovine, "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregancy." It was very healthful and I enjoyed reading the book. So I figured I would see if she had any books on Toddlers and she did....woohooo!

It's available at Barnes & Noble's for $14.99, it's a good investment if you are looking for some tips on what do to with your toddler. I have started reading it so far and I can say that it was worth the $. Let's see how fast I finish this and what great tips I get out of it. Hopefully, by the time my lil' guy comes back from the Dominican Republic I can use what I learned.

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