Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections *TAG*

I generally don't do Tag's, I prefer to watch them. But, since I was tagged I said why not! I opted to write it out instead of making a video...sorry, but my son doesn't give me much free time...lol.

Share 3 physical things that you dislike about yourself or feel are imperfect & 3 physically 
things you like about yourself or feel are perfect. The point of this tag isn't to look for pity 
or compliments, it's just to show that we are all human that have things that 
we like/dislike about ourselves.

My "Imperfections"

1.  My Tummy...I had my son 2 years ago, and after having a c-section it leaves a pooch that is not quite desirable. I just wish I could "snap" my fingers and go back to my H.S. weight! lol

2.  My Skin...Lately my face has been breaking out badly and everything I try doesn't seem to work. 
I guess I need to change my eating habits and start eating healthy again. I also, 
have Eczema and this winter it has been the worst!

3.  My Eyes....I kinda hate the fact that without my glasses, I'm blind as a bat! I have opted for
contacts, but most bother and dry out my eyes so I just stick to glasses for now. 
(Kinda wish I had 20/20 vision...sighhh)

My "Perfections"

1.  My Hair...it's the easiest thing to manage, ever since High School everyone always envied
my hair (especially my sisters)  and would literally stroke it all day long. lol

2.  My Smile...even though I always have a serious face, when I smile I get lot's of compliments. 
I guess I need to smile a little more often. ☺

3.  My Eyebrows...when they are on point, which is usually after threading! 

~So feel free to "TAG" yourselves, I would love to hear what are you girl's Imperfection/Perfections!~

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