Saturday, May 28, 2011


Long time no! I know I haven't been in much of a bloggin mood, but I decided to write a little something. 

So, there is this site called Jewelmint it's desinger jewelry from stylist Cher Coulter and actress Kate Bosworth, in other words like Shoedazzle but instead of shoes you get jewelry.
This is how it works, you take their Style Quiz then you are sent personalized selections based on the quiz and each piece is available to you for $29.99. 

(FYI: This piece was not sent to me I paid for it)

My selections were ok, I kinda wished I got the pieces that I saw on their FB profile. 
Since, I used a promo code (Mav5) which gives you 50% off of your 1st purchase I was ok
with my selection.

Beachwood Necklace

mail (2560×1920) 

mail (2560×1920)

I picked this because it was something I didn't have and that I have never seen. 
It's like a casual piece you can wear with jeans and any color top. 
Also, it's silver plated on an 18'inch beaded adjustable chain. I can't wait to see
what selections I get next month.

Have you joined Jewelmint? 


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